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Our 5th season is just around the corner and registration opens Feb.  12th 6:00 am! There will be a LATE registration price increase after March 15th so don't wait !

Below are the dates, the age group breakdowns and the times each age group will play. Please look at your calendars before signing up and make sure your child/children are available for ALL the Sundays.  We do sell out, with kids on the wait list and had a lot of no shows because of other commitments and weather. Spring is unpredictable in the mountains. We play in the sun, rain and snow. 

When : Sundays 

April 7TH, 21ST, 28th, May 5th, 12th, and Final Games May 19TH

EVALUATION DAY SUNDAY, MARCH 17th 3-7pm @ Basin Rec Fieldhouse. There will be a clinic for 2/3rd this year from 3-4pm.

Current 4th Grade Evals 4pm-4:45pm

Current 5th Grade Evals 4:45pm-5:30pm

Current 6th Grade Evals 5:30pm-6:15pm

Current 7th Grade Evals 6:15pm-7:00pm

No Evals for current 8th graders.

Age Groups: 

CURRENT 2/3rd, 4/5th, 6/7th, 8th graders.

Grades 2- 8 will play 5 v 5, with 2 twenty minute games per team; all positions are encouraged to play!

Time : 

8th Grade 11:00- 12:00pm

6/7th 12:00- 1:00 OR 1:00-2:00pm

4/5th 1:00- 2:00pm,  2:00- 3:00pm OR 3:00-4:00pm

2/3rd 3:00-4:00pm

Cost: $175 includes shirt & food

We will require every player to have a mouthguard grades 2nd- 8th. 

Registration & ALL Passing League Info



Looking forward to a great season !

Your Passing League Board

Director: Executive Jess McCurdy

VP: Matt Navarro

Commissioner: John McCurdy

Secretary/VP of teams: Jennifer Garner

Treasurer: Kevrine Wells

Spirit Wear: Steph Crosby & Christy Wilson

Sponsorships: OPEN

High School Coach Liaisons:  Will McCurdy & Owen Campbell

Park City Youth Football Liaison: Matt Navarro







Chat with A Miner Episodes


What is Park City Passing League?


Park City Passing League is a 5 v 5 non-contact football passing league held on Sundays at Dozier Field at Park City High School in the Spring for boys and girls, grades 3-8.


 The goal of Passing League is to provide a fun environment for youth players to learn more about football and prepare them for future play. The emphasis is on instruction and less about winning games. Each game is 50 minutes long, and the kids are coached by the Park City High School football players. 


The League provides food for all 400 players and coaches.  We provide a fun, festive environment with music and announcements, and it is an all-around great time for the kids and families in attendance. Since the League’s inception 6 years ago, interest in football, and the growth of the youth football league in the community has doubled.


Park City Passing League is a 501c3 organization that gives back to the Park City community and beyond through the support of its sponsors and fundraising efforts; the League could not operate without this support. Since 2018, Park City Passing League is proud to have been able to give back in the following ways:


  • Donated approximately 100 new top-level helmets to the Park City youth football program over the last three years


  • Donated approximately 100 state-of-the-art helmets and shoulder pads to PCHS football, along with other equipment needs


  • Provided sideline jackets for the PCHS players for use during cold winter games


  • Donated 10 new football helmets to the Salt Lake City West High School football program due to its shortage of helmets and its need for sharing on the sidelines


  • Donation of $2,500 for the medical needs of Ogden High School football coach, Erik Thompson, who was diagnosed with ALS


  • Donation of $2,500 for the medical needs of Alta High School football player, Jalen Sutton, who suffered a cervical spine injury during a football game in August 2022


  • Contribution of $12,000 + each year to the PCHS cheer program for the last 5 years for uniforms, travel to camps and competitions, and equipment


  • Contributions for lifting equipment for the PCHS gym


  • Spearheaded the Park City High School Dozier Field Digital Scoreboard Campaign, raising over $200, 000, which included a substantial repair and update to the PCHS Baseball scoreboard


  • Proud banner-level sponsor of PCHS Baseball 


  • Covers the Park City Youth Football player’s gate/entrance fee for all PCHS football games


  • Donated $2,500 to the Christian Center Food Bank during the COVID pandemic


The goal of the Park City Passing League is to continue supporting the Park City community and the surrounding area for years to come.




Park City Passing League

Jess McCurdy, Executive Director

(925) 785-6928



January 29, 2024

Park City High School’s Scoreboard Fundraising Campaign 

Surpasses Goal – Thanks to Overwhelming Community Support


PARK CITY, UT – The Park City Passing League is thrilled to announce the success of its Digital Scoreboard Campaign, raising more than its $200,000 goal to retire Park City High School’s (PCHS) original scoreboard on Dozier Field. Launched this fall, the campaign received unprecedented support from donors and key partners.


Jess McCurdy, Executive Director of the Park City Passing League, spearheaded the fundraising efforts, working alongside committed parents and with support from PCHS’s Athletic Director, Jamie Sheetz, and Principal, Roger Arbabi. Their combined dedication and the generosity of top donors, The Park Record, Park City Mountain, and the Haloti Ngata Family Foundation as Presenting Dozier Field level partners, propelled the campaign well beyond the half-way point of its goal. Pick Axe level partners, including Stanley, Nexus Power, Baranof Jewelers, Switchback Sports, Riverhorse/Salt Box/Palomino, Patrick and Jennifer McCloskey, and Wade and Margaret Souza, further contributed to the success of the initiative.


Expressing gratitude for the support received, Jess McCurdy, Executive Director of the Park City Passing League, stated, "The overwhelming response from our community and partners has exceeded our expectations. This campaign's success reflects the shared commitment to enhancing the athletic experience for Park City High School students and the entire community."


The funds raised will facilitate the installation of a state-of-the-art Daktronics digital scoreboard on Dozier Field, slated for Spring 2024. This advanced scoreboard will not only replace the existing one but also offer features such as video capabilities, instant replay, athlete highlights, sponsor recognition, and more, elevating the overall experience for event attendees.



Athletic Director Jamie Sheetz stated, "This new digital scoreboard is a game-changer for Park City High School. It will enhance the atmosphere of our sporting events and provide unique learning opportunities for our students, aligning with our commitment to excellence both on and off the field."


The campaign's success also enables updates to the baseball field scoreboard. High school students will have hands-on involvement with the new scoreboard, potentially incorporating it into future project-based learning opportunities through PCCAPS.


The new Dozier Field scoreboard will become a part of numerous high school events, including football, soccer, lacrosse, cheerleading, track, youth leagues, camps, graduation, and student assemblies. Events at Dozier Field bring together the local community, and the new scoreboard will add to the atmosphere, energy, and spirit of PCHS.


Details about the unveiling ceremony, and other events around the new Dozier Field scoreboard will be provided later this spring.


Park City Passing League is a 501c3 flag football league providing a fun environment for youth players to learn more about football and prepare them for future play. Profits help fund state-of-the-art equipment for youth and high school players.




We are excited to share with you our Digital Scoreboard Campaign for Dozier Field, a state-of-the-art piece of equipment that will benefit our community, our athletes, our students and our sponsors for years to come. We are reaching out to you first as our loyal sponsors. This is an exciting opportunity for Park City High School and us. Below, you will find all the necessary information on getting involved along with an attached slide deck. A member of our Park City Passing League Board will be reaching out to answer any questions. 


Park City High School Athletics: Scoreboard Campaign


Why: A video scoreboard will enable us to highlight teams, athletes, sponsors,  businesses, and events throughout all sporting events at Dozier Field.  The scoreboard will become the highlight at Dozier Field and elevate the football, lacrosse, soccer, and track experience.  As shown in the video, upgrading our scoreboard allows us to showcase our sponsors and our community in a whole new way. The technology will also become part of our Entrepreneurship program at Park City High School where students will learn how to program and run the scoreboard. 


What:  Daktronics Scoreboard (100% Digital).  See link for video and below for images.  Daktronics is the gold standard company for scoreboards and provides us with cutting edge technology and graphics.


Goal: $200,000 by November 1, 2023

Sponsors will receive a 3-year advertising commitment along with a founding donor acknowledgement. This is a donation to a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and will be tax deductible. 


Red and Black Contributor: $2,500 - $5,000 Individual contributor, acknowledgement as founding donor.


Pickaxe Level Sponsor: $5000 - $10,000

Recognition as a founding sponsor. 

Name recognition on the board during ALL home games and events.

2 announcements/PA advertisements at ALL home football, lacrosse, soccer, and track events. 


Miner Level Sponsor: $10,000- $25,000

Recognition as a founding sponsor. 

Name recognition on the board during ALL home games and events.

4 announcements/PA advertisements at ALL home football, lacrosse, soccer, and track events.

Title sponsorship for football 1st down or 3rd downs.  “Miner 1st down brought to you by XXX.”

Scrolling banner logo recognition throughout ALL games & events.

4 VIP season tickets and 2 VIP parking passes to all PC home football games. 

Dozier Level Sponsor : $25,000 +

Recognition as a founding sponsor AND title sponsor. 

Name recognition on the board during ALL games and events, including advertisements and commercials.  

8 announcements/PA advertisements at ALL football, lacrosse, soccer, and track events.

Title sponsorship for football touchdowns.  “Miner TD brought to you by XXX.”

Scrolling banner logo recognition throughout ALL games & events.

8 VIP season tickets and 4 VIP parking passes to all PC home football games 

Title sponsor of the Dozier scoreboard.  Sponsor logo to be present and permanent.  


Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. What is the warranty on the scoreboard?

    1. 5-year warranty

  2. How is Service and maintenance handled?

    1. Service contracts are not included, but we have not had problems with them in the past. Daktronics is the top scoreboard company in the nation .

  3. What is the timing of order and installation?

    1. We are raising money in a lightning round to meet a November 1st order deadline.  If we order by November 1st, we take delivery by February 1st.   We would move to take delivery and installation as soon as possible.  The scoreboard would be up and ready to use in time for Spring ‘24 sports.  

  4. Are there any other benefits for moving quickly?

    1. Yes.  The scoreboard company will repair the baseball scoreboard at no charge for PCHS as part of this program.  

  5. What happens if the program is funded over and above 200K?

  1. We can put those funds towards other Dozier Field improvements.

  1. What happens to funds donated if the funds fall short of the 200K goal?

  1. We will apply for grant money to make up the difference.

  1. How is this campaign connected to the Park City Passing League?

  1. Park City Passing League is a known and trusted nonprofit organization whose mission is to serve as a conduit in supporting football and other athletic improvements for our student athletes and athletic facilities. 

  1. Who do I make my check/payment to? 

  1. Make checks payable to Park City Passing League

Address: 3610 Lariat Road Park City, Utah 84098




Jess McCurdy, Park City Passing League Executive Director

and your Passing League Board

Youth Football Programs in Park City

Coach Chesley & Coach McCurdy spreading the word about youth football programs in Park City at the Solomon Fund Registration event!

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